Celebration Ideas

Here are some ideas for celebrating International Girls Day:


  • Alone or with your friends, take some time to think about your goals. What kind of career would you like to pursue? How can you have an impact on your community and the world? Ask some women you know to share their goals, why they chose their careers, how they are active in the community.

  • Discover a new interest. Sign up for a cooking or gardening class.

  • Step outside your comfort zone. Join a new club. Run for student council. Enter an essay contest. Plan an outdoor adventure. (Make sure to run your ideas by your parents before planning gets too far along.)

  • Hand out goodie bags to your friends, girls in your school or your neighborhood. Include a note about International Girls Day.

  • Make a photo album or a scrapbook that celebrates your unique talents and strengths.

  • Invite some friends over for a craft day. Make collages, scrapbooks or paintings that show your individuality.

  • Organize a “You Make Me Smile” balloon project. Write confidence-building messages on blue balloons and hand them out at your Girls Day event or around your town. Watch the inspirational “You Make Me Smile” video and get detailed instructions.

Parents and Other Caring Adults

  • Plan a mother/daughter outing. Make appointments for manicures or pedicures. Encourage girls to choose polish and designs that complement their unique style. Go out for lunch and take some time to talk about issues girls may be struggling with. Offer some encouragement for girls to be their best selves.

  • Give your daughter or another girl in your life an uplifting book of poetry or fiction. Write a special message on the inside cover of the book.

  • Invite friends and their daughters over for a formal tea party. Play games or offer activities that build confidence and celebrate each girl’s uniqueness.

Groups and Girls’ Organizations

  • Organize a “You Make Me Smile” balloon project. Write confidence-building messages on blue balloons and hand them out at your Girls Day event or around your town. Watch the inspirational “You Make Me Smile” video and get detailed instructions.

  • Get a group of girls together to participate in a service project in your community — clean a park, collect canned goods for the food pantry, volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • Visit your state capital or your town’s city hall. Talk to the mayor or other political leaders about what they do. Ask what steps they took to get where they are.

  • Plan a college fair for older girls in your community. Invite some college women to come speak about what college is all about and the opportunities available. Include time for a Q & A session. Hand out information on how to choose a school, how to find scholarships, etc.

  • Take a trip to a nearby college. Tour the campus. Go to a women’s basketball game or other women’s sporting event.

  • Take some time, either individually or as a group of girls, to learn about the lives of girls in other countries, especially those that don’t have the opportunities that you have. Find more information and project ideas at Girl Up.

  • Send a press release to local media. Highlight the ways your organization builds confidence in girls and/or how you are celebrating International Girls Day.

  • Encourage girls to bring school supplies, clothing, toys and other items for girls less fortunate. Donate items to a local nonprofit organization that serves underprivileged girls.

  • Post an International Girls Day greeting on your bulletin board and website. Announce the holiday on your sign or marquee.

  • Include a feature article on a remarkable girl in your organization's newsletter.

Companies and Retail Businesses

International Girls Day is a great opportunity to reach out to girls in the community. Consider holding special sales, promotions, contests and giveaways to celebrate women's friendship.


  • Schedule a book reading and/or signing by the author of a girls’ book. Set up a table with various books that appeal to girls. Hand out flyers about International Girls Day.

Restaurants and Teas Rooms

  • Offer a special lunch for mothers and daughters. Consider featuring a speaker that offers confidence-building tips or an inspirational message. Provide entertainment by a girls’ band or dance group to highlight the celebration of International Girls Day.

Card/Specialty Shops

  • Set up a display table featuring cards that encourage girls to be their best. Hang an International Girls Day poster in your window.

Girls' Clothing Stores

  • Plan a fashion show. Use the event to raise money for a nonprofit organization that builds confidence in girls. Provide refreshments. Offer activities that promote confidence.

Hair Salons and Day Spa

  • Offer a special" two for one" on manicures or pedicures. Promote the purchase of gift certificates for mothers to give their daughters.

Kitchen Stores

  • Provide a cooking class or demonstration for girls or for mothers and daughters.

Created by Kappa Delta Sorority for all Women & Girls